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DIRECT TRADE – Whether you are looking for that unique single origin organic coffee and you are programming your container shipments for the whole year. We are your farmer partner for quality and consitency. You will always receive a personal approach to ensure a transparent process from our farm to your doorstep. Let’s start working together.

D’Brasil believes that selling quality organic coffee for fair prices, negotiated directly with the producer where possible, makes sound business sense. Our coffee farm have used this sustainable approach to selling quality coffees since 1999. We started growing coffee in the 50s.


Producing organic quality coffee is our top Priority. Also we are specialises in producing and selling organic speciality coffee and uniques micro-lot.


Quality in the organic cup must also be met by quality of life for the farmer and our employees. To ensure this is met, our commitment to adequate compensation and fair treatment is met by our Price and by our Traceability Commitments. True sustainability requires understanding organic fine coffee not as a generic commodity but, rather, as a unique product with distinctive flavours, varieties, profiles and personality.


Investmenting in education for our employees, families and our comunity is one of our main priorities. Our mission, and the key to long-term sustainability, is to show people just how outstanding and diverse organic coffee can be!


Relationships are crucial to producing high-quality organic coffee. We work hard to make sure our coffees are 100% traceable. All lots are identified from planting to harvesting, processing, storage and shipping.





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The following list contains the information about our Organic Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in our warehouse in the farm, where we store coffee.  All coffees are available for sale at origin.

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